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Episode 85: Howie Kendrick & Revisiting The Tudor Black Bay GMT ADVERTISEMENT

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We're super excited this week to be bringing back a HODINKEE fan-favorite (and someone I'm always excited to talk to), Mr. Howie Kendrick. When we recorded Talking replica watches with Howie back in the summer of 2016, he was playing second base for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but by the 2018 season, he had moved across the country to ply his trade with the Washington Nationals. Last year, he had quite the postseason, leading his team to victory with an epic extra-innings grand slam (only the second in Major League Baseball history) in the NLDS and a World Series-winning home run in Game Seven against the Houston Astros.

Since we last spoke to him though, Howie has also added some killer pieces to his fake watch collection (a few with World Series connections too) and has evolved as a collector and enthusiast. Will and I chat with him about everything from baseball to his favorite Nautilus references to his cameras of choice (he's an incredible photographer, as if being a great baseball player wasn't enough). Howie is one of those guys who just oozes positivity and excitement, and I know you're going to love our conversation.

Before that though, I connected with James up in Toronto (via Zoom, of course) to record our very first A Week On The Wrist: Revisited. In August 2018, we dropped what is still one of my favorite HODINKEE reviews of all time, James's in-depth look at the Tudor Black Bay GMT. Now, with all of us longing to travel, it seemed like as good a time as any to look back and get a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at what went into that review, as well as learn about how James's thoughts on the fake watch and its place in the market have changed since then. We also chat a bit about fake watch Madness, but I won't spoil any of that here...

We hope you enjoy Episode 85 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


One of the great things about Howie as a collector is that he's into all kinds of watches. From vintage Subs to modern Nautilus and everything in between. One of the more esoteric replica watches that he's purchased recently is this Seiko M726 dive watch, a funky early-90s take on a high-tech dive computer that you could wear every day. He bought his on eBay with the original strap, box, and papers (of course), but he's been wearing it on a canvas strap to make it a little more refined. A fake watch doesn't have to be expensive to be awesome ?and here's a reminder why.

Show Notes

3:00The 2020 HODINKEE Talking replica watches Tournament

10:00The Tudor Black Bay GMT

10:41First Take: Black Bay GMT

21:50Doxa Sub 750T GMT

30:00Howie Kendrick 2019 MLB Postseason Highlights

33:00How 'Baby Shark?Became The Washington Nationals?Unofficial Anthem

43:20Talking replica watches With Howie Kendrick

43:45Patek Philippe 5726

50:00Nomos Tangomat GMT

51:20Howie's Seiko M726


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